Hardware oddity

Publié: 23 décembre 2008 dans SDR


The first time I built a Softrock (it was a 40/30m TXRX 6.1), I almost went crazy trying to run the first transmission tests. Broken wires, shorted circuits, wrong connections… between the scope’s probes, the computer’s link used to generate the I/Q signal, the power supply, the antenna cable, the different jumpers and switches, that was too much flying wires for the poor two handed man I was.

That’s why, before running a full transmission test of the 6.3 with the 9V1AL MoBo, I decided to “fix” all that stuff in a real enclosure, large enough to accept any further extensions. I hate files, drills, vices and all kind of “mechanical” tools. So, it took quite a long time before I found the right box, the right place for the SR, the right position of each connector…

Quite enough place to install a small elephant…. As we do not have a lot of elephant here, in the French Alps, I think I will stuff the empty space with a bandpass filter, a USB.I2C interface, a digital readout display and/or a linear amplifier.


I even intended to secure the stack with nuts and bolts… The Softrock is a perfect mobile rig, so it must comply with the reliability of a mobile device.



Bad idea : the top or the screws are a bit too close from the "coil next door"


… and trying to use inox standoffs is a little bit risky. Nylon hardware would be better, but I couldn’t find any of this length in my junkbox.


The lenght of the standoff was exactly the right one… too bad.

Transmission tests will probably be run tomorow


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