Stuck by a subcontractor, new design

Publié: 6 mars 2009 dans Filter mobo

The small company I spotted to print my filter mobo is unable to draw .010 traces. I had to partially redesign the data bus on the central “island”.

As I was under my CAD software (still the same… I know, it’s a shame) I took some time to make a I2C command board (that’s Mike’s idea)

above, the redisigned BCD daughter board (I made some mistake on the former design, the central connector had a quarter inch ofset)

the lower board is the I2C one. The electronic diagram has been “pirated” from the superb CDG2000 schematic

Still the same size, still the same footprint. I think I will draw a simple “parallel hard wired daughter card” for people wishing to use a basic rotating switch, just to keep the design universal and adaptative “on the go”.


Meanwhile, to test my first “home made pcb etching lab”, I’ve printed the I0CG “SSB K1 mod” . First results are “just usable”… I’m far from a real “professional looking” board. But it’s encouraging.

Anyhow, this is another story.. let’s focus on the filter. Next time, I hope I’ll be able to post some picture of the filter mobo


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