Filter mobo, first prototype

Publié: 4 avril 2009 dans Filter mobo

Some component are missing… I cannot go further.  But








As I was out of eyelets, I couldn’t have metalized holes… that’s why relays are soldered high above the pcb. Surface mount devices and/or flater relays should be used on the final mobo. I’m loosing too much space with those one.

Dauthter cards are fitting perfectly (excepted that they are a little bit too short… something lile a thenth of an inch). I’ve completely messed up with the Command daughter boards, inverting the printout without noticing it…. this is why so many wires are running on the back side…

So far, bands are switching correctly. I have to order a handfull of ULN2803, PCF8574, 4028 and other things next monday


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