Quick releases notes

Publié: 7 décembre 2009 dans SDR

After a loooooonnng professional blackout, I’m trying to focus on the filter.

I was wondering if it could not be possible to add some more space between each filter. Michel f1CHM told me it was stupid, as the “full fledged PA3AKE” had exactly the same spacing between filters.

So far, changes from the alpha filter mobo to the Beta filter mobo will be limited to :

– A lot of “unmasked” zone to allow soldering of the shielding (see picture below, the first “bus shielding” prototype. Others allow the grounding of each daughter card with a small solder drop). Perfectionist will have to use a shear and a break to have a good input/output isolation.

– Daughter cell filter will be 7mm -3 1/10 of an inch ) higher to allow T80 toroids (still in design… some capacitor placement are definitely not obvious)

– 2 new command boards have been designed under kicad. One using BCD logic (see pcb below), another using binary “serial” logic compatible with the “Pic A Star” design (under development). Even if this filter is definitely not a killer, it will be considerably better than the original “Toko based” architecture of the picastar. It will also be compatible with other I2C based transceiver (CDG 2000 or SDR-1000 clones)

The “bus shielding”. Note the small notch on the left side of the shield


As this is not a UHF filter, the U shape don’t have to be “water resistant”


The attenuator, new design. This way, this subassembly would probably work from DC to 2 GHz.

1248-BCD “parallel” command board. The “serial” version will be designed before December 13rd

The snow, here, is F… bad. I’ve tested several new boards and skis during the last week end (Kästle, Rossignol, Salomon, Movement, Elan, K2, F2…) Movement is probably one of the best sky manufacturer. The "Spark” is a real bomb


and the “Signature” a fantastic pleasure. Good feeling too with the Rossignol “8S “, a “civilized” version of the 9S, close to my beloved Z5, and the “8X”, far, far easier to drive than my 9X Pro Course. I’m too old to use these racing gears 😦


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