8 easy steps to convert a 10 meter gadget in a real SWRmeter

Publié: 11 juin 2011 dans Instrumentation


1 : Change the connector with real coaxial one


2 : Change the first coupling line. This one is made with a section of Pope H200 low loss coax cable. Bead is a T80-2, 40 turn of 8/10 millimeter enamelled copper wire.


3 : build a U shield with single side pcb … (yes, it’s another tandem match coupler)


4 : place the second line of the transformer , the detection diode and the 50 Ohm load on each side of the line. The diode is not yet soldered on this picture, only the resistor.


5 : Try to solder the different grounding lugs, connect the different wires of the transformer’s secondary winding


(rear view with shielding)


6 : Add the original frontplate with it’s nice “cross-needle” meter



7 : Connect the two detector wires to the main board

8 : calibrate each “power” position with a dummy load… and play. Ain’t nothing cool as a closed box Clignement d'œil




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