Angelia, beginning of a long journey

Publié: 20 février 2017 dans SDR

Today, February 20th, we have received a small batch of Angelia SDR board and the 10MHz buffer/switching module (small pcb on the lower right corner)

It’s an 8 layer board full of BGA’s, QFN, QFP, exotic and expensive components. More info on the Apache Labs web site–Tested.html

At first glance, it is obvious that the board we received is different from the commercial version shown on the Angelia page.


The board itself is smaller than I thought, with an impressive density of devices. 6 boards, 6 happy hams, and a long and complex project. We’ll have to assemble the rig from component level (and make it run), design a new version of the Alexiares filter board, choose and build a medium to high power SSPA with all the “bells and whistle” you can imagine (protection and control for VSWR, overvoltage, overcurrent, input power limitation, power supply filtering, “pure signal” coupler etc)

The first phase will probably takes one year.

The tools we’ll have to use are definitely “overkill”. One could not solder BGA’s like simple SSOP, that’s the reason why the Electrolab is equiped with eavy-duty relow oven with a nice pick and place workstation.


a thin deposit of solder compound is put on each solderpad with a stencil. Surface mount component are then placed one by one with the pick’n place station








Temperature parameters are set and controled, following the different soaking and reflow phases

Most of the passive and “big” SOIC/SSOP/SOT23 ICs will be soldered with a good old soldering iron


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